Our products are hard at work underfoot – and overhead.

Toughness, quality and durability. Not only are these qualities demanded of industrial applications; they are non-negotiable requirements of the customers we serve.

Meeting and often exceeding such requirements has enabled us to become the largest industrial carpet strip supplier in North and South America, with products in use at major airports, hospitals, stadiums and schools. Continued investment in mesh equipment and design technology makes us a go-to resource for cargo management systems in heavy equipment and construction vehicles. Elsewhere, you’ll find our products inside of hard hats (safety straps) and outside of doors and windows (weather stripping).

Shock Cords

We are the leading manufacturer in shock cords. Customizable options available.

Hope Global Bungee Cord Manufacturing

Bungee Cords

Multiple purpose applications. Our product pairs with netting solutions to gain flexibility.

Hope Global Automotive Netting

Netting & Webbing

Our state-of-the-art netting is made stronger, lighter and more durable.

Carpet Strip

Carpet strip appears in major corporate and municipal buildings everywhere, as well as exhibit halls.