Proud to serve on the front lines of innovation

The standards to become a supplier for the U.S. government are extremely rigid. At Hope Global, we’re proud to have passed that test, repeatedly – and for more than a century. In 1912, we were the first to produce the parachute cord and today, our work for the U.S. military includes the latest-generation parachute cords, boot laces, webbing components, and bungee cords.

As a Top Tier manufacturer for the U.S. military, we partner with their design teams to bring next-level innovations to the next generation of unique military products.


We are the industry leader in the shoelace and boot lace market; manufacturing over 500,000 laces every week.

Hope Global is proud to lace the boots of our service members.

Parachute Cords

We are the leading manufacturer in Parachute Cords because of our commitment to quality, design, and delivery.

With ever-evolving products and advances in military technology, our Parachute Cord is a product you can bet your life on.


With over 1,000 braiders, Hope Global processes your order from start to finish with industry-leading capabilities in twisting, winding, braiding, tipping, cut to length, and spooling.

The world’s largest boot manufacturers use Hope Global, so you should too.