Why all roads lead to Hope Global

Hope Global is a preferred supplier for many Tier One, Tier II and OEM automotive customers and the first-choice manufacturer for many other international brand name companies. Hope Global integrates innovative solutions with the latest technology and using our skilled craftsmanship to create in-demand products and components.

The team at our Customer Technical Service Center, located in Auburn Hills Michigan, can help you clearly define your solution and then design and create your individual component. Let our 1750+ manufacturing team members and their ability to cut, sew, assemble, knit, weave, braid, plastic and foam injection mold, work to make your vision a reality.

Cut, Sew, & Assembly

Nobody does it better than Hope Global, or sew we’ve heard. Tough design features? We’ve got it. Fabric, leather and vinyl? We’ve got that too.

Our sought-after craftsmen and craftswomen are the best in the industry and create award-winning automotive interior component solutions.

Leather & Vinyl Wrapping

When innovation and technology meet craftsmanship, our operations create beautifully wrapped interior components.

Serving major Tier One and Tier II suppliers and OEMs with interior parts made for some of the most sought after, premier vehicles, Hope Global is a go-to supplier for exquisitely crafted interior parts.

Plastic Injection Molding

Hope Global offers a variety of sought-after completed interior trim component options starting with 420 to 650 ton presses to offer our customers fully integrated solutions.

Foam Injection Molding

State-of-the-art foam injection molding capabilities enable Hope Global to offer our customers foam substrate and foam in place options that ensure our products meet the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Wire Carrier

Our wire draw equipment can produce raw wire at speeds of 10,000 feet per minute which provides an ample in-house supply to our wire knitting division.  

Designed to provide weight savings, this vertically integrated product provides superior functionality for our customer’s trunks, doors, and lid seals.

Beaded Profile

Hope Global’s Beaded Retainer Tie Down, featuring our arrow-shaped bead, is designed for top-quality performance.

Created in a multitude of widths, bead shapes, and flange designs, Hope Global can design the right solution for your seating integration needs. Our customized samples are delivered in one to two weeks with no tooling costs required.

Loop Knit

Loop Knit meets and exceeds Chrysler, Ford, and GM specifications. Styles from 0.5 to 4 inches wide, we provide competitive pricing and customer-friendly packaging.


Our straps can pull customer specified requirements with ease. With components proudly made in the USA, we offer a wide range of customizable products where we’re able to cut, sew, print, and add grommets, buckles, snaps, and customer required terminal ends.

We can provide products in a multitude of materials, designs, weaves, and widths. Let us create a strap solution for you.

Tunnel Tie

Tunnel Tie is used in the automotive and furniture industries and makes installation of upholstered fabric much easier. Sew Tunnel Tie to seat covers, skin over a foam bun, and the pull cord to tighten and you can achieve a beautifully upholstered look.

Hope Global manufactures products to your specifications providing desired notch, width, tensile strength, cut to length, and terminal end designs desired.

Nets & Webbing

With design flexibility, vertical integration and construction, and color options, Hope Global can create your vision for cargo management, seat back and door panel map pockets, and just about any storage system design your team can imagine.

Sunroof Components

Hope Global’s sewing and assembly is a top-notch service.

Our capabilities in producing sunshades and roller blind systems for leading Tier One customers have made us a favored supplier.

Wind Deflectors

Trusted by leading Tier One’s, we partner with the industry’s best material sources to create inventive products. You can reduce the “noise” by selecting Hope Global as your supplier.


Hope Global’s patented Festoon Clip allows for faster foam insertion, reduced seat assembly labor costs, and is one of the key reasons we are market leaders in seating integration systems.

Schlegel Buffing Pads

A brand known for its quality and superior performance; our Schlegel buffing pad line gives you a first-place finish, every time.